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Commercial Parking Lot Striping and New Parking Lot Layout in Traverse City, Michigan

Commercial parking lots and driveways offer a unique set of challenges and our experienced team has the given the expertise to handle any challenge your parking lot has. We offer a full service start to finish seal coating experience. Surface preparation, crack sealing, pothole repair, alligator patching, seal coating and striping we do it all! Call Us Today for a FREE Quote! 


Residential Asphalt Driveway Sealing in Traverse City, Michigan

We understand the importance of protecting your investment and maintaining a long lasting driveway. People drive on them, kids play in them, and your homes value and curb appeal are increased by a having a nice well kept driveway! This is why we only use the highest quality seal coating materials and repair products on the market. No matter how weathered your asphalt may be, we can make your driveway look like new again. Call Us Today for a FREE Quote!


Making Asphalt Last Longer - Why Seal Coat?

  •  Asphalt driveways are made up of stones, fine sands and asphalt binder. The binder acts as the glue to hold all of these aggregates together and provides the pavement with the rich, black color. Overtime the binder begins to oxidize with exposure to sun, rain, snow and other elements. As the asphalt oxidizes, it becomes less flexible and cracks more easily with loads (such as cars) and with weather changes (such as freezing).
  • Living in Northern Michigan your driveway can be subjected to harsh cold and extreme heat, these conditions can break down the asphalt much faster than other climates. Sealing your driveway at least once every 2-3 years extends the life and integrity of your pavement. Sealing your driveway is a great way to make sure you are maintaining and protecting your investment, this way it will last for many years.
  • Driveway sealing enhances your home's curb appeal, bringing to life the deep rich black color of asphalt, even if it’s already a little damaged or faded. Some cracks are inevitable on an asphalt driveway, but with some expert repairs, we can make your driveway look new again. Our seal coat products will act as a barrier and protect your driveway from harsh Northern Michigan weather, damaging sun, and freezing and thawing that can wear out your asphalt as the seasons change.  
  • A brand new driveway cannot be sealed right away, it is best to wait at least three months for the asphalt to fully cure before we can seal it.
  • Hire a professional seal coating expert, we know what product are best to use on your driveway, so you’ll get protection against the harsh Northern Michigan elements that can cause damage to your driveway. 
  • Unlike many big box stores and competitors, Grand Traverse Sealcoating & Striping does not buy products off the shelf that are often advertised as easy to apply yourself. Our seal coat products are specially formulated to extend the life and enhance the look of your driveway. Our special formula produces a deep and long lasting color, with extra durability. Never over-diluted, our products follow a consistent-mix design, ensuring optimal adhesion and uniformity of appearance across all paved areas of a property.

Residential Asphalt Driveway Seal Coating in Traverse City, Michigan


The Seal Coating Process:

Power Clean – Cleaning the surface is the most important step prior to seal coating.  We use a combination of high power blowers, power brooms and wire brushes to remove all dirt and debris.  Cracks are cleaned of all dirt and vegetation.  Some driveways with excessive dirt build-up may need to be power washed before seal coating. 

Treat Oil Spots – We use a special primer on oil spots to promote sealer adhesion.

Power Trimming – Trimmed edges allow the sealer to cover the entire asphalt surface and provides a manicured finish.

Hot Crack Filler – Commercial rubberized hot crack filler is heated to 375 degrees and applied to all cracks ¼ - ½ inch wide.  This product remains flexible allowing the material to expand and contract.  Due to varied weather conditions, cracks may re-open.  This is not a permanent solution and requires yearly annual inspection and touch up as needed.   

Detail Brush Application – Our attention to detail allows careful application of sealer with a detail brush to protect your adjoining hardscape surfaces from over spills or splashes. Sealer is applied only to your asphalt surface.  

Seal coating – We apply commercial grade sealer that is precisely mixed in our fully agitated 550-gallon tank.  This ensures a consistent and durable seal coat product with silica sand, polymers, and hardeners providing a tough, durable, anti-skid surface.

Barricade Access - We barricade your driveway with banner tape for 24-48 hours.  

We take pride in our work because at the end of the day the job speaks for itself! 


All quote request are answered within 24-48 hours. Just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!